want to know how to trigger a single tap to enter into an excell cell

Re: Getting into an Excel cell -- Dang
Posted by Victor , 03/02/2009, 22:45:53 Reply Top of Thread Forum

I tried F2 but it erases the text.

I have cells in that have say xxxxx in the cell. I want to add y at the beginning so that it ends up yxxxxx. I do not want to erase the cells. Just add a Y to the beginning. I need to know how to enter the cell y to put the y in the beginning of a text argument. I would like to repeat in cells going downward but have not been able to enter the cell without deleting the text with Fitaly.

This is an occasional about every 8 month need that I would like to have an answer to be able to do with Fitaly. I work with Excel spreadsheet in a PDA. I figure that you would know how to do it.

The problem is that when I hit a key in fitaly the cell gets wiped out. I could start in a cell and then run the macro but I need to get in to the cell without deleting the text in the next cell.

It is a koan worthy of fitaly programmers. LOL


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