No Learning Curve with Fitaly

Re: Learning curve with Fitaly -- Marianne
Posted by scifry199 , 11/10/2008, 18:36:14 Reply Top of Thread Forum

I've used Fitaly on 4 different devices for about 9 years now - 3 PDA, 1 Ultra Mobile PC and have yet to learn the layout of the keyboard.

Marianne accurately explains that you just know the corner keys and stare at the keyboard when typing (opposite of QWERTY).

Even expert QWERTY users stumble with all types of thumb and on-screen because you're never supposed to look at the keyboard and must use all 10 fingers.

Fitaly is a true innovation. I hope it can continued with other versions (e.g., iPhone, G1, BlackBerry Storm, even Surface and other types of touch screens).

Dave Lee

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