Fitaly, Nate's review and SP&PPC

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Posted by Hal Goldstein , 10/22/2008, 20:26:30 Reply Top of Thread Forum

First, thanks to everyone who commented on our magazine, Smartphone & Pocket PC. If anyone wants some background about our final scheduled issue (due out in 3 weeks), see my post at

I personally have used FITALY for many years. I never really mastered data entry, but even at my modest entry pace, I find it the best tool in many instances.

Nate has become our expert on software keyboards and I really appreciate his great blogging. I would LOVE FITALY on the iPod touch! Unfortunately, the iPhone SDK makes that difficult.

Sorry for commercial, but today we just launched our iPhone site at We definitely intend to keep our Windows Mobile site, and its tons of content up.

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