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Re: Learning curve with Fitaly -- Marianne
Posted by natestera , 10/22/2008, 01:42:23 Reply Top of Thread Forum

Thanks Marianne for your reply. I was going to ask about the iPhone. I just recently acquired the iPod Touch and do not like the qwerty keyboard (I never liked the default SIP options in WM either, but alas I'm a visual typist as you point out). If you port Fitaly, let me know. I'll post a news article and give it a go as well and review it if you like. Feel free to keep me informed about your WM releases as well, so I can update our readers.

By the way, our blog site is not coming down. The magazine print version is going to halt production of the Windows Mobile version, and focus on the iPhone for while, since it's all the rage now, I guess. I have a feeling it may be back at some point, though not sure what that would look like (keeping fingers crossed).

I personally do not speak for the magazine, but think there will be new, better version of Windows Mobile yet to come. The popular tide may turn yet again. I personally think we should have included an expanded iPhone and other mobile OS sections of the mag instead of a complete redirect...oh well...

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