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First I would like to thank you for your review and for coming to our forum and inviting our users to visit your blog and comment on it.

...never learned the right way to type anyway. Still I'm pretty fast for an old dude from years of practice in my improper method.

So you look at the hardware keyboard when you type? In this case, I would say your brain is, indeed, programmed for visually typing with one, two or three fingers. -- Not an advantage when learning Fitaly, another layout! (:-

IMHO, a non-qwerty layout is going to be difficult for most noobs (who have done a lifetime of qwerty typing) to master quickly, simply because the brain practically must be de-programmed and un-learn where to expect the keys.

When you touch type, I think you are not using the same cognitive coordination skills as when you stylus tap. With touch typing your fingers dominate the Qwerty keyboard space, and it works somehow like playing the piano. Your fingers know!

With stylus tapping you look at the keyboard. I agree that it takes a little time to get used to the layout and to remember in which corner the less used letters z, k, q, and x are. Fortunately and purposely the most frequently used letters are clustered in the middle and the letter to type is never far away from the letter just typed.:-) When you compare hand movement on Qwerty and Fitaly, you will find that there is none when using Fitaly.

No need to unlearn, just some practice. Once you get used to it, you won't want to miss it. At least that is what we hear from all our customers, quite a few of whom ask us to port Fitaly onto the iPhone.

... I sincerely liked the Fitaly keyboard. I haven't given up on trying to get used to it either.

I hope you will :-)


PS Your comment on the missing expansions had me think that we should have added another functionality: merging the glossaries!
It is not that difficult to do as glossaries are just text files. But everything should be doable with a finger caress nowadays :-)

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