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Re: Review by Nate Adcock -- Marianne
Posted by natestera , 10/18/2008, 03:42:22 Reply Top of Thread Forum

Just wanted to say here that I never actually learned to type, except on a standard computer keyboard (which really isn't typing in my case). Before computers, my sister who had clerical skills would type my term papers for me on her typewriter. I'm pretty old maybe, but never learned the right way to type anyway. Still I'm pretty fast for an old dude from years of practice in my improper method.

After reading some of the comments, and the feedback on the blog, I see I've missed some of the more important aspects of Fitaly. Please feel free to post your comments and make corrections to my assumptions if they are wrong or I missed important points like adding additional glossary, etc. When writing for the magazine (print), one of the aspects the editors emphasize is writing from the standpoint of a noob. Someone un-initiated in the very thing your are describing. I try to hold to this principle in my blog and print reviews. IMHO, a non-qwerty layout is going to be difficult for most noobs (who have done a lifetime of qwerty typing) to master quickly, simply because the brain practically must be de-programmed and un-learn where to expect the keys. That was my point, but I sincerely liked the Fitaly keyboard. I haven't given up on trying to get used to it either.

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