Re: Pocket PC Fitaly: Can you give us a link to your review?

Re: Can you give us a link to your review? -- Marianne
Posted by Britta , 10/13/2008, 16:42:15 Reply Top of Thread Forum

I cannot now remember where I posted that. As I wrote, I was cruising through all kinds of sites, finally having been recognized by the Mobility Site after some months.
I usually keep copies of what I post but can't find that either. I can't figure out what site from my browser history over 6 days old, alas.

I was just in a Radio Shack the other day but was so intent on getting my laptop adapter tested that I wasn't able to see all the products, but yes, that's awful that no handhelds are shown in stores. I so wish I'd had a handheld years ago, it's been my favorite thing after my PC. I kept hearing about them on a list I'm on, and so I ordered a Dell Axim from eBay, as Dell discontinued them. Another shame.

If my "review" comes back to me, I shall definitely write you.
Here's Tanker Bob's good review again in case anyone misses your reference to it.

~~ Britta

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