Can you give us a link to your review?

Re: Re: I posted my review of Fitaly on Pocketpcmag -- Britta
Posted by Marianne , 10/13/2008, 02:58:05 Reply Top of Thread Forum

Thank you both, James and Britta, for adding your review on the PocketPCMag blog.

We deeply regret that the Smartphone-PocketPC Magazine is being dicontinued. We were trying to reach some of the 1% PocketPC owners through our advertisment in the magazine -:)

According to the editor there are 20,000,000 PocketPC devices that have been sold. I am not sure where the iPhone stands right now.

If the popularity of a device is measured by its exposure in stores, the iPhone wins. Have you been at Best Buy lately? There is not one PocketPC model in the store. At least not at the one I visited this afternoon.

Fortunately there is the Internet - sounds like the TV ad :-)


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