Re: I posted my review of Fitaly on Pocketpcmag

Re: Re: I posted my review of Fitaly on Pocketpcmag -- Britta
Posted by Britta , 10/04/2008, 19:34:57 Reply Top of Thread Forum

Oops, now I don't know where I read the article, PocketPC site or the Pocket Pc magazine...I was cruising through the Mobility site too. Well, the authors can figure it out, it was too late at night when I looked at all that. I do apologize, but I the information on Smart Phone/Pocket PC Magazine is true, they are discontinuing publication and shall have the premier issue of iPhone Life ready soon and shall maintain their website. Too bad, as the editor noted that it was a business decision as only about 1% of Windows Mobile users knew about the Pocket PC Magazine and it is too costly to reach them. It seems to me that the iPhone would be a small percentage of Smartphone users.

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