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Re: I posted my review of Fitaly on Pocketpcmag -- Digee
Posted by Britta , 10/04/2008, 19:08:29 Reply Top of Thread Forum

Thanks very much, I went to the Mobility Site and enjoyed the article and saved it all and what is in this original thread as well.
I was going to say I was sorry to see on the PocketPC Magazine site (now Smart Phone and Pocket PC mag) that they were ending their publication but I don't see that today...I'm not logged in though as a user. I hope that it's going to continue. That magazine was invaluable to me in learning about and setting up my Dell Axim (and I have a 2 year subscription this year). I hope that they keep their site going if they can.

I am doing more and more with Fitaly and I become so intrigued with its operation that I haven't learned to type on it too fast. I love viewing the glossaries and the pop up words and editing the slides, keys, glossaries. It's a great program!
I've just reinstalled the Fitaly Letris again, I need the practice.

Thank you for all the information. ~~ Britta

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