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Posted by Jean Ichbiah , 02/24/2006, 04:04:56 Reply Top of Thread Forum

-ilias. Thessaloniki, Greece
I would really like to say yes, if only because my mother was born in Saloniki

I really believe in the promise of Fitaly, as I have experienced it first hand--and it didn't take me a long time to learn it either.
The problem, though, is that I am a Greek user. For short commands/words transcriber and/or the built-in keyboard are good enough. I find that Fitaly is better suited (required, really) for long texts and documents. However, almost all long heavy-duty writing I do on my PPC is in Greek.

I would love to be able to create a Greek Fitaly-like keyboard. However, Fitaly is not customizable. It's a shame really, because it is the greatest input keyboard for PDAs around.

As a comparison, I will mention the Resco keyboard. That thing is *completely* changeable. Not only skinnable, but changeable. In fact, it's completely possible to re-create a Fitaly layout with it (without the extensive sliding features though) and to assign any character to any key which can have any shape you can imagine. This is really great and welcomed for us non-latin-based alphabet folks.

Resco is good at what it does. but I really doubt that even a small percentage of users use the customization.

In fact, I might have to do just that after seeing from v4 that Fitaly is not going into the localization/customization direction at all. It's a bit of work to create it though, and I really am short of time, and plus I would rather have the real thing, sliding features and all.

As you see it is not that simple. Besides, Pocket PC development is becoming much more costly. It used to be that if you had a product it would work on all machines. This is unfortunately no longer true: just read this forum. We are now forced to buy several testing machines! Microsoft has become too lax in testing adaptations of the operating system. Obviously, some adaptations should never have made it through the validation process. Combine this with the fact that both Handango and Motricity have become much more greedy, asking for more than 50% and you end up wondering how an organization makes money by developing on the Pocket PC.

So, the question for the developers is, are you guys looking into this in the future perhaps? Or is this something that does not really interest you at all?

I have already answered. We are trying to do a few things and do them very well. Localization is currently not one of them.

Jean Ichbiah

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