Problem w/ funSMS

Posted by AML ® , Tue, Mar 11, 2003, 10:44:03   Forum

I'm testing Fitaly 3 final version from 2003-03-03 and I experience problems in the latest version of funSMS v. (19/12/02) (see for details).

1 - Capital and custom long and short slides works perfectly in all the programs I use except in funSMS. Sliding in this app has no effect: the "original" letter appears (for ex., "a" for a long slide with "a") and then desappears but is not replaced by the capital or accentuated letter defined for the slide I have done.

I tried to sent keys at pen up, to enable sure mode, but it doesn't solve the problem.

2 - The popup numeric panel (opened with "123") seems to be blocked when I use it: the characters only appears on the screen when I quit the panel.

I have this problem since I upgraded from rc1 to final version: all previous versions (including 2.05) were working perfectly. Did someone experienced a similar problem with this app?

Regards, Aurélien (sorry for my bad english)

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