handspring and fitaly 3 crashes

Re: Try the freeware PrefEd -- Donald
Posted by stuart holmes , Mon, Mar 31, 2003, 03:59:17 Top Forum

this sounds rather like one of the problems i have, using fitaly 3 on a handspring visor.

i get a system crash when i try to select test in options.
and when i try to use the on-screen 123 pad (which thankfully i don't actually do except by accident but i might want to!!)

i've done the prefed an dre-install thing without getting any change.

i've also got other problems that tech help seem to think are specific to my particular unit, despite being exactly replicated on my wifes and now a friends' handspring visors.
(see my posting 'few strange problems..')
so i'd like to know - has dennis's problem been fixed by re-installing??

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