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Re: Why not add shift-slides? -- Gary L. Matthews
Posted by Jean Ichbiah , Sat, Mar 08, 2003, 14:40:38 Top Forum

Gary Matthews asks:

Why not solve this problem by adding a shift-slide state? That is, have T-short-east produce "the" and have SHIFT-T-short-east produce "The"? This seems to me to be a very natural solution. In other words, tap followed by any given slide, long or short, and the first letter of the result becomes capitalized -- regardless of how or whether macros are defined.

Essentially, the proposal is one that would lead to 32 possibilities: 8 directions x 2 (for short or long) x 2 (for shifted or not). We did consider this alternative but the best answer is in Blair Martin's previous message:

This highlights the next task to be addressed: writing the new user guide. Your product is now much more complex, and it will take careful writing to describe it in such a way that new users will understand it. Given all the added functions it describes, the current online description is a bit jumbled. I think you should start with a blank screen, and start describing it all over again. Think of your audience as normally intelligent people who know NOTHING about the Fitaly or the concepts it's based on.

The product has now reached a level of power and perhaps also complexity where one hesitates to add more. I personally think that the vast majority will use only a few of the slides directions and it may not be a good cnoice to make the product more complex for the very few who would use more than 16.

Jean Ichbiah

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