Macros to copy the selection and Pen Up

Posted by Jean Ichbiah ® , Thu, Feb 13, 2003, 07:46:29   Forum

In a discussion with Jacques Turbe, he made the point that a macro assigned to a letter and that copies the selection can only work if you select letters at Pen Up. For example, define the macro:

The macro tries to copy the selection and print it between chevrons. It would convert the selection John into «John».

If you assign the macro to an East slide of n with letters at Pen Down, the initial n wipes the selection and the macro will not work. With letters at Pen Up it will work as intended.

If you prefer to use letters at Pen Down (more immediate) and have a need to copy the selction, the solution is to assign it to a special key that does not emit a character. For example, it works well if you assign it to an East slide of Shift.

Jean Ichbiah

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