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Posted by Gary L. Matthews , Thu, Feb 06, 2003, 20:50:36 Top Forum


Thanks for the note about the new Version 3. You're right -- I already DO like it even more. Having been a macro addict since the DOS days, back when Windows was barely a gleam in Bill Gates' eye, I'm delighted with the new capability. Am already giving a brisk workout to custom slides, as well as to the new launcher functions. Feels like a whole new machine.

The reason I didn't discuss these in my post is that most of the comparison I understook before there was a version 3. So it's really based on earlier versions of both Fitaly and MessagEase. The latter has also been augmenting its own macro functions, which, from what I've read, are considerable. But I didn't get that far; I chose Fitaly over ME on the basis of basic functions. The esoteric features are a whole different story. (But from what I've seen, I think that there, too, I prefer the Fitaly approach.)

It's unfortunate, in a way, that the Graffiti-area structure of the Palm forces one to choose: You can't plaster BOTH stamps over the silkscreen. If all Palms used a "virtual Graffiti" area like I understand the Clie models do (or the Pocket PC), then one could keep Fitaly and ME both in the wings, and activate/deactivate either with the touch of a button. Then one could, presumably, become fluent in both -- and each has certain advantages for certain situations.

Under the circumstances, however, most of us have to choose one or the other. Whenever people ask my advice about PDA text entry, I advise them to check out both programs and give them a whirl. I do think there are people who naturally would gravitate toward one or the other. And I think the success of each program benefits the other.

Congratulations again on version 3 -- please keep the great ideas coming!

Warm regards,


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