sharing customslides database

Posted by Jeremy , Thu, Feb 06, 2003, 13:47:33   Forum


I just went to Aaron's custom slide web page, printed out his spreadsheet of custom slide suggestions, and entered each and every one of them into my FitalyVirtual for the NX series. (He has a database file for Pocket PC users, but there is none for Palm...)

I was wondering whether it works or not to share the customslidedb file - is it compatible with all versions of Fitaly (stamp and virtual) for the Palm OS? I would be happy to make my customslidedb file available to anyone who doesn't feel like taking two hours to enter all the data....

Aaron: Two things:

1)Any suggestions for the Specials (home, calc, meny, find, toggle, tab, caps, shift, 123, info, back, enter, left space, right space)?

2) I noticed on the spreadsheet, there are a number of entries that I don't understand, for example, SW for b reads ■ while SW for B reads □ - what do these mean? I put in the "123" key here because I didn't know what it was about..


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