Revised FitalyStamp 3 rc1 for OS3 devices -- Palm Vx, IIIc, m105...

Posted by Jean Ichbiah ® , Thu, Feb 06, 2003, 07:29:37   Forum

You can now download a revised rc1 for Palm OS3 machines such as the Palm Vx, IIIc, and m100. See the link below.

This revised version corrects two problems found yesterday and which were caused by the use of API calls that only exist for OS4 and later versions of the Palm OS: the inability to handle ‹macros› and to edit slides by direction.

If you are using a machine based on OS3.x, please download the revised zip file. Disable FitalyStamp from X-Master and then delete it as well as FitalySetup before installing the revised files. The version is still called rc1 but the revised build date should now appear as 2003-02-05.

Note that it also corrects the (more minor) problem discovered for slides with the Pen Up settings. We are not reissuing the 3 other versions at this stage since this is the only problem found at this stage and since this mode is not widely used. (We will make them available by email to the users who reported the problem.)

Jean Ichbiah and Alan Weiner

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