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Re: Customers can help too! -- Jean Ichbiah
Posted by wasatch , 10/30/2005, 09:57:23 Reply Top Forum

I too have been a loyal FITALY user. I emailed Jean asking he reconsider, and he said no. Disappointing, but understanable. However, to think that when, or if, I do migrate to another platform I will pick up FITALY is naive, in a business sense. I can't go back to something that took a learning curve, is not mainstream and abandoned me. (Even if it made sense to make me an orphan.)

In my business, (I am a somewhat successful marketing guy) competitors would brutalize me if I abandoned customers in one key segment because of inconvenience to me. They would market against me in the remaining segments that I may leave them too and burn my customers, so why take a chance on my product. I hope this does not happen to FITALY, as I really have appreciated the quality of the software, and the responsiveness of the team. Heck, it had been a great product. But, the cozy days of a closed community/economy with limited hard core compettiion in things like handheld software are over. As smart phones make handhelds a broad consumer product the market size becomes so big you will see "mean" marketing starting to appear. And this trend could hurt FITALY given they have abandoned a product familiar to everyone - Palm.

In our business, I might consider the cost of maintaining FITALY for Palm an overhead/marketing expense. But, I might still leave - it depends on how much of a money loser it was, relative to itself, and total product profits from all handhelds/smartphones using FITALY.

All this said, if FITALY works on a TREO 650, (my choice since FITALY will not work on a TX) I will probably buy one. I personally think the product is that good.

Will it work for sure on the TREO 700w?

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