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Re: Thanks to Julius Thanks to Julius Rosenwald we will reimburse you... -- Jean Ichbiah
Posted by pdradley , 10/17/2005, 11:46:05 Reply Top Forum

What "customers"? Surely you realize that only a tiny minority of Palm users add third-party software. My wife and daughter, who have had handhelds for years (my wife has an HP4700, but that's another set of headaches), would not think of adding any application. If all of us third-party software purchasers stopped buying Palms, it would make a dent, but not a large one, and Palm, I assure you, would survive. Are you suggesting that I start some sort of campaign?

I appreciate your frustration with this OS, but I cannot accept the responsibility for it, and that is what your comments would have me do. I am not part of the developer community, but rather a plain consumer of its products. I did not see anything wrong in making the request I did. If you have a beef with Palm, take it out on them, not me.

I have always thought of you as an outstanding developer, which is why I never asked (and never will ask) for the Rosenwald entitlement: I continue to assume that someone like you will fix whatever problem there is with its software.

OTOH, I am dismayed, indeed angry that you address me, a loyal customer, this way, and I will so state.


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