Agilityping is /what?/

Re: Instant text, possible alternatives -- Robert Carnegie
Posted by Robert Carnegie , 05/25/2005, 09:46:16 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

To my surprise, Agilityping on PC turns out to be a text editor window with auto-correction and dictionary and with HTML and MS Office as document formats, and it seems to be short of training materials as well as the tools to create them - at least in the trial edition (books are sold separately) - and to have some odd design choices. In any case, I think it's not much good to me if I can't use it for everything.

I don't give up on that, but it's time to look at AutoHotKey, maybe. If it plays alongside Fitaly, maybe I can have a set of macros of "," followed by letter key - which I think I don't ever type - for all those hard-to-reach functions.

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