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Re: Fitaly for tablet PC -- pilot4pay
Posted by Robert Carnegie , 05/24/2005, 10:52:28 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

I have WebEddie Windows PowerPro tucked into the taskbar, alongside Fitaly, but I haven't tried it for key substitution - only for supplementing the key set on Fitaly's main panel; I have unusual needs. I haven't found it entirely successful - keys often fail to reach the application, which I've also found with other macro programs on this PC, so maybe something's just wrong - and an exercise to convert right-clicks over Fitaly into shifted key actions had too many side-effects, but it would have a fair chance of automatically minimising Fitaly and then maximising it again, so that's worth knowing.

Still on my must-try-sometime list are AutoHotKey, StrokeIt, and AgiliTyping from - the claim is that "Evon wl bnfit frm uzg ths shorthnd t wrt nd typ qkly" - with the particular catch that I was instructed not to test AT at work, so I don't know how well they'll work with Fitaly. AT is also unfortunately fond of the letter Z, but perhaps something could be worked out. For instance, I also have OrangeGuava Inkable Keys; I expect I can make one of those hover over the centre of Fitaly for an easier Z. And maybe the dictionary can be edited to change Z back to S; I presume it's only Z so that anything you type in English using S can never be mistaken for an AT macro string, so that installing AT doesn't make your computer useless to people who don't know it.

For that matter, I'm taking it on trust that there's more to AT than a set of Microsoft Office auto-correct settings, although evidently it does exist in that form. I expect it could also be loaded into AutoHotKey - which I haven't tested...

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