Fitaly for tablet PC

Re: Two-Size version of Fitaly for the Tablet PC -- Jean Ichbiah
Posted by pilot4pay , 05/04/2005, 08:36:11 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

I have installed the b6 version. I like the new larger verssion. I'm working on a rugged tablet solution for resale. I'm interested in possible VAR arrangement, could you perhaps contact me off list to discuss this? One thing I noticed, is that just after loading the app, I get the little "hourglass" icon when hovering over the keyboard. While still useable this is irritating. This continues for some time. It seems to dissappear after I minimize the KB, then restore it. Display on our tablet is 800x600. Is there also a possibility of an abbreviated "instant text lite"? I have a specific market application to address, with a very limited vocabulary. I don't think my market would be willing to spend the close to $400 for the medical version.
I have been using the beta for about a month now, it really helps in a pure tablet environment.

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