I need a longer slide length

Re: Two-Size version of Fitaly for the Tablet PC -- Jean Ichbiah
Posted by Robert Carnegie , 04/15/2005, 09:52:19 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

With the large FiTaly, I think I'm faster and more comfortable, but paradoxically I'M getting - as you see - lots of unintended capitals. I also get more mis-strokes on space. So if a slide leNgth sensitivity control is on the to-do list, I'd like it brought forwards, please.

I think I'm also seeing a timing interaction between multiple input devices. I'm mostly using the pen to gesture over FiTaly and a separate device, a trackball, to tap - because I basically wore out my Tablet pen for tapping, and I expect a replacement wouldn't last long and costs $50 (this is for Compaq TC1000, with a different digitizer to most Tablets). There's also an ergonomic benefit. However, it appears that the pen cursor lags slightly behind the actual location of the pen, the pen tap location is adjusted to match - or, rather, since the Tablet only ever knows where the pen /was/, not /is/, the tap is applied only when the actual location of the stylus at tap time is known - but the trackball tap is applied immediately to the cursor location on screen.

Or something like that. I also perceived a worse effect using a wireless mouse as clicker, which apparently has its own lag, and I can't decide if that logically should be worse or better. Maybe it has a longer lag and makes things worse.

If this really is happening, I'm not sure what could be done about it. I know if I don't mention it, I'm on my own.

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