Where Fitaly sits for me

Re: Where I put it -- Robert Carnegie
Posted by AlexChurchill , 03/16/2005, 12:09:34 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

Since it's potentially interesting... here's my 1600x1200 work PC desktop, showing Fitaly 2005 positioned beside Click-n-Type (for arrow keys and similar) and RemoteKeys (for assorted macros and shortcuts). This is a full desktop PC, it's just I can only use a graphics tablet because of RSI.

http://www.toothycat.net/~hologram/downloads/alexdesktop2005-3-16.png (167kb coloured)
http://www.toothycat.net/~hologram/downloads/alexdesktop2005-3-16_4col.png (73kb almost-mono)

I'm loving large Fitaly too (and it's received favourable comments from those who see my screen as well :) ) The only irritation I've found so far is the four pointless large blue buttons in the same column as the arrows/accents toggle. I'd rather be using that space for something else: as you'll see in the screenshot, I have it covered up by a few buttons of other programs. I guess I find myself wishing the asterisk were available in one slide (I can customise it to be so on the Pocket PC). However, the main Fitaly keys and slides are wonderful, they work like a dream.

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