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Posted by Robert Carnegie , 03/16/2005, 11:10:03 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

A bit tricky to get a 1024 x 768 desktop to under 30 kilobytes, the forum's limit.

I park Fitaly on the taskbar so that it's out of the way of application windows, and vice versa. With the small Fitaly, it's been convenient to keep two copies open so that more of the keys are a single tap. With the larger - well, that might still work, but I'm trying a configuration of the macro program Windows PowerPro which re-uses the Start button space and provides extra symbol keys, function keys, movement keys and a few useful shortcuts such as "robert.carnegie@seemis.com".

I also am still wishing for "real" shift function, i.e. allowing shift+pointer or ctrl+pointer action - file, text, or other object selection or drag-and-drop. The blob centre-screen is a tool for this and other keys that I scored at http://www.tabletpcbuzz.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=20755&whichpage=2 which turns transparent when you don't point at it, but it won't fit on the taskbar and doesn't display shift state. Come to think... if the developer can provide an executable program that simply depresses or releases a shift key, then exits, then I could run that from PowerPro (or from a future super-Fitaly). Okay, I have to write an e-mail.

Actually, one other thought... the large Fitaly has keys about large enough to hold tiny images on shift keys of the highlights of the shifted keyboard - I'm thinking of symbol marks specifically. I would find a visual clue useful (albeit one requiring a very close look) to the extra punctuation and other symbols available from pressing ', `, ", and ^.

Still loving large Fitaly!

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