Seems great so far! plus CnT arrow keys

Re: Two-Size version of Fitaly for the Tablet PC -- Jean Ichbiah
Posted by AlexChurchill , 03/14/2005, 16:51:26 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

Oh, excellent! I'm very glad to see this. It slides, yay! Right, I'll evaluate this for a while, and post back with my thoughts.

One initial comment: In case anybody else trying this out might have occasional need of up or down arrow keys, page up/down, function keys etc: I've put together a basic Click-n-Type keyboard with the keys that aren't available on Fitaly. This is intended to sit beside Large Fitaly providing arrow keys and other buttons that aren't available or are hard to get to on Fitaly. I suspect I will keep using these two next to each other until a Fitaly with arrow keys and page up/down becomes available, despite the overhead of having two on-screen-keyboard programs running. (Do Tablet PCs have a D-pad which sends arrow keys, the way Pocket PCs do? Or is Fitaly just designed for the types of keyboard use which don't involve the up/down arrow keys?) In case anybody else wants this custom Click-n-Type keyboard, you can get it here:

Thanks so much for this larger and sliding version of Fitaly for Windows! I'll let you know how the evaluation goes.

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