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You are making a good point. My eeee test does not allow the "slide across" as you call it. I did notice that on sequences that I know very well, there is a "rebound" effect. I find it especially noticeable in words such as "sentence". This may be the key to speed.

And how about Jared's latest effort!! Pretty impressive!

Yes! And I think this opens perspectives for all of us. As long as I saw Marcus McRae's record at 65, my own goal was 50. But now that you have shown that 70-75 is possible, I am going to raise my own goal.

On Jared's entry, I have asked him if by any chance he has kept the other entries he had made: I like very much to see whether a record is a "Bob Beamon" phenomenon or part of a progression.

Jean Ichbiah

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