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Re : streaming video of someone doing 50+ ... -- Jean Ichbiah
Posted by JohnH , Jun 21,2000,16:38 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

There is a big difference between tapping unfamiliar text and tapping the speed contest. Everyone that attains any decent speed has the entire text memorized. The biggest plus to that though, is that in the process of practicing endlessly, you learn the keyboard. My wife and kids go about nuts when I work on the contest because of the little beeps from the errors. If you don't believe the results, try it yourself. Start by working on the contest and concentrate on doing it error free, regardless of speed. As you practice you will get faster. For me, breaking the 40 second barrier is going to be very difficult. My objective was to see how fast I could get. I can be happy with almost 60 words per minute.
And yes when you are tapping that fast, you are moving....


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