Jolly Roger

Re: Jolly Roger Command Install on PC Help! -- Justin Murray
Posted by Donald , Mon, Jun 19, 2000, 21:35:43 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

Software is quite primitive but free. After you install it, it records an image whenever you press the scroll down. When you synchronize it saves JollyRogerDB.PDB on your desktop and you can use the DOS program pdb2bmp to convert the data base into bmps.

You need to open a DOS window and the call has the form

pdb2bmp in_file path_for_bmps

I was only able to have it work by putting a drive name for path_for_bmps as in

pdb2bmp JollyRogerDB.pdb C:\

Two other programs that do screen saves are ScreenShot Hack and TealPaint. Both shareware and less primitive

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