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Re : Michael, Tell us about your technique -- Jean Ichbiah
Posted by Michael Nelson , Jun 17,2000,23:14 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum


The main thing is practice. I've spent literally hours working on training my hand to know the key layout. I use as light a tap as I can, since I want to preserve my palm pilot, and since I want a techniue which I can use anywhere, and not annoy people with tapping sounds. I'm using a standard palm pilot stylus (the metal one with the reset pin in the end of it). As for suggestions, that would be giving away the Dom... and there are some things which shouldn't be done. But one thing to take into account, if you need to actually think about where the next letter is, you have a lot of room for improvement. My best times have been when I'm hardly thinking or even properly focussing on the screen. I just let my fingers do the work. They know what they're doing :)


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