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Re : First attempt... -- Bob
Posted by Hannes Frischat , Jul 17,2000,08:07 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum


if your first attempt was 75 and you reach 95 after repetition this is consistent with my observation that real life speed is about 80 % of record speed.

I think this is true for FitalyStamp as well. Look, one aim of contests is to develop the ability itself. This is why children do sports at school. Normally nobody needs running full speed in everyday life. But if you train that once and try to break your record it will help you for moving through normal life as well.

Note that FitalyLetris has more modes and texts to train everyday writing. Try game mode or drill mode, try the random generator.

The big advantage of the contest sentence is that you have to optimize your technique once. Then it would be good to proceed to other lessons and modes for training universality.

Hannes Frischat

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