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Re : Why is FS faster? -- Will Lau
Posted by Jean Ichbiah , Jun 28,2000,07:25 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

I believe there are three factors:

(1) Parallax: On FitalyStamp you are tapping directly on the surface of the stamp whereas on regular Fitaly, you are tapping on a glass surface that is 1 millimeter above the actual image. So there is a parallax that results in less precision in regular Fitaly.

(2) Fonts. The fonts for the stamps have been created for easier reading and are printed with a resolution of 2400 dots per inch.

(3) Less display work: On the technical side, Fitalystamp has less work to do with displaying images.

I believe (3) is probably negligible. On the other hand, both (2) and (3) create a feeling of confidence that is essential for speed and this subjective factor probably explains the 10% difference.

Jean Ichbiah

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