WPMs Results for VGA are Underestimated

Posted by Jean Ichbiah , 10/09/2004, 13:14:39 Reply   Forum

The current version of FitalyLetris for the Pocket PC was written before the new VGA systems and has not been updated. It appears to have a systematic error in the way it computes WPMs.

The times are correct and to compute the WPMs, you can use the formula:


or simply,

For the three VGA entries, the reported results are under the computed (exact) value:

Jenneth 75.26 should be: 77.19 wpm
Walter 41.01 should be: 42.06 wpm
Russell 27.41 should be: 28.11 wpm

Most likely, the VGA version must be using a different version of the Mathematical libraries... While we are looking into producing a version that handles VGA correctly, you can continue to use it and we will adjust the results manually.

Jean Ichbiah

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