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Here is some information on submitting entries.

Contest entries should be posted on this forum, using the category "CONTEST ENTRIES". Your message title should start with the Method, the Time expressed in hundredths of seconds, and the words per minute as in the following example:
FitalyStamp: 45.58s - 52.65 WPM

If you are using a Palm organizer, use the freeware word game FitalyLetris for the Palm to run the test. If you have a Pocket PC, use the Pocket PC FitalyLetris. For Pocket PC handwriting methods that work a word-at-a-time, such as CalliGrapher, entries should be measured with Richard Owens' SIPTimer freeware timer program.

The entry should also include a gif file with the image of your score page. For Palm devices, you can use a screen capture program such as QuickTake, ScreenShot, ScrShot, Jolly Roger, or ZGrab. If the capture program produces bmp or jpg files, you can use Windows Paint to convert these files to the gif format used on the forum.

For the Pocket PC, you should use the Screen Capture from ValkSoft cosponsor of this contest to produce the gif image file of your score sheet.

The use of an attached (or built-in) full keyboard or thumboard is not allowed since the object of this contest is to compare input methods using pen input.

You can start posting entries on October 1st, 2004 as early as you want. The contest ends at midnight on November 6, 2004.

Michael Steinberg
Dom Perignon IV Contest Monitor

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