What the Dom Perignon contest is about...

Posted by Jean Ichbiah , 10/06/2004, 08:02:47 Reply   Forum

The contest is about showing the vast public that fast entry is possible on a PDA and it helps us and all others who do text-based solutions. In this respect, what matters is the speed of average users. Of course we are all excited when we see a new record broken but averages are more important.

As an example, when we did the first contest, we did not believe that 60 wpm was possible. The first contest showed it and encouraged others. When the second contest showed that a champion could reach 80 wpm, a lot of users started thinking that 60 wpm was a good goal and more than 30 participants scored over 60 wpm -- that is, over what we used to consider the limit!

I am actually delighted when I see an entry like Laura Franz' at 21 wpm and I do hope many others participate.

Jean Ichbiah

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