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You all know how difficult it is to get a fair comparison of input methods.

Any claim is likely to be dismissed as marketing hype, as it may sometimes be the case. So the idea is to have a contest where all participants can be measured on the same basis.

Dom Perignon IV Speed Contest

Just type the following 40 words with the method of your choice and record your time with FitalyLetris for the Palm or FitalyLetris for the Pocket PC:

What you need to do to have a chance to win the contest is to tap this sentence as fast as you can without any error. One more thing you need to have for a valid entry is a witness.

Then submit a message on this forum with a title starting with the Method, the Time, and the WPM as in the following example:

FitalyStamp: 45.58s - 52.65 WPM

You have a chance to win the prestigious bottle of Dom Perignon and one of the 80 weekly awards made by cosponsors of this contest:

Blue Nomad, Quik Sense, SoftMaker, PocketInformant, ValkSoft, StylusCentral, Neohand, and Astraware.

For the full rules, please visit Dom Perignon IV Speed Contest

The first Dom Perignon Contest took place in 1998, won by Marcus McRae at 65 wpm. Two years later, Dom Perignon II was won by Faith Perez of Australia, the first person ever to reach 80 wpm on a PDA.

The 2002 Dom Perignon III was won by Jenneth Orantia, Jim Belich, and Patrick Yam, and the average speed of all participants reached 50 wpm. In all three contests, more than 30 participants scored over 60 wpm.

Once again, the time has come to reassess what can be achieved on these wonderful PDAs. This is the purpose of this fourth contest, which start October 1st, 2004 and ends on November 6, 2004, at midnight.

Jean Ichbiah

PS. For early entries, just indicate your time as shown in FitalyLetris. The gif image can be submitted later, when you submit a later entry, and in any case for the final awards.

Download FitalyLetris for the Palm
Download FitalyLetris for the Pocket PC

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