Grafitti 76.95s - 31.18wpm

Posted by smi7 , 11/06/2004, 20:34:37 Reply   Forum

Figured I'd try grafitti to see how I could do. Not a speed record, but shows that you can achieve some speed using grafitti if you're familiar enough with it.
You also get to burn some calories as it's not as easy as tapping the letters!
Using Grafitti 1 here. You're forced to slow down if using Grafitti 2, because some letters are two strokes (t, i, k, q, x) and even worse if a word ends with L and you do the space stroke too soon, you have a T !!
Steve Isenberg
New England Palm Users Group member

PS: I had some problem getting the text for Dom Perignon into the system, which is why some tries had the first few words. But the top speed is using 100% the correct and full text.

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