Congratulations to the new Pocket PC leader!

Re: Fitaly PPC 31.00s - 77.41 WPM -- Erwin Franz
Posted by Jean Ichbiah , 11/06/2004, 19:19:20 Reply Top Forum

Congratulations Erwin!

You are the new leader of the Pocket PC category, with 77.41 wpm, just ahead of Jenneth Orantia's 77.38 wpm.

This Pocket PC race does not seem to be over yet. Four of you seem to be within a hair of 80 wpm or 30s: Erwin, Jenneth, Eko, and Hendrik!

Good luck to all of you.

Jean Ichbiah

PS. A word of explanation on the disparity between the time indications: Jenneth's entry was submitted with the first version of FitalyLetris which does not work correctly for VGA devices (this is corrected in the FitalyLetris 2 version). Jenneth's wpm are correct but the time is only approximate. With the corrected FitalyLetris 2 version, 77.38 would correspond to 31.016 seconds.

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