Announcement: 12-hour Extension

Re: Reminder - Please read contest rules -- Michael Steinberg
Posted by Jean Ichbiah , 11/06/2004, 13:26:16 Reply Top Forum

After some more discussion, we just decided to extend the contest by 12 hours. Let me explain why.

As Michael Steinberg said in his earlier message, we've had this rule ever since the second Dom Perignon contest that states:

Participants in the earlier contests can submit entries as long as they are faster than in the first contest.

In prior contests, we never had to apply the rule but we just realized earlier today that we are now in a situation where it could apply, as the current leader of the Pocket PC category is a past winner. As this may come as a surprise to some of you, we think that the most fair way to deal with it is to give everyone the benefit of a 12-hour extension.

This means that the end will be at the following time:

Boston:Sunday, November 7 12 AM (noon)
San Francisco:Sunday, November 7 9 AM
Singapore:Sunday, November 7 12 PM (midnight)
Sydney:Monday, November 8 3 AM

Finally, let me remind you that we have TWO Dom Perignon awards: One for Palm entries and one for Pocket PC entries.

So, good luck to all of you for the remaining hours!

Jean Ichbiah and Michael Steinberg

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