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One thing I found that improved my time was to pause inbetween each word during some practice runs. Otherwise I found the words and spaces all jumbled together and I got confused. I also found it helped to practice words that have a long travel between, so I can type them without looking.

Over a few weeks I have improved my time from around 35 wpm to 55 wpm on the contest sentence. I have found that I'm now comfortable with much of the layout, and as a result I'm a lot more comfortable with fitaly. I'm still tentative with letters I don't know -- I think the suggestion to practice the quick brown fox sentence would help. Even though I'm awkward, I'm just as fast. I tried a test I haven't typed before (now is the time...). In graffiti I got 33 wpm. Using fitaly, I felt like I was slower, but I was just as fast: 35 wpm. I've used graffiti for years, so practice isn't going to help that at all. But with fitaly I can do better. In fact, the next run was 40 wpm, and after a few more I was up to 50 (which is about where I am in the contest). So the contest has helped immensely in my normal usage.

The contest is a lot of fun. I was sorry that it didn't start 3 months ago, as I found my graffiti digitizer is seriously hosed, and I can't run FitalyStamp at all, even in safe mode. My warrantee ran out 3 months ago, and I'm still trying to convince Palm to replace my unit :-(

I like the fact that there are weekly winners. However, I think it's too bad there's no separate prize for being in the top 20. It would be nice to be able to win both a Fitaly license and a FitalyStamp (Fitaly is still useful with the backlight in low light). And I'd also like to win a free Palm digitizer repair ;-)

Most important, the contest gave me the motivation to practice speed, and without that motivation I never would have gotten past 50 wpm.

Paul Close



I disabled all hacks, and got FitalyStamp to work! The digitizer problems must have been caused by a hack...

FitalyStamp is faster than fitaly, as everyone has pointed out. I got 1 second better than my previous best, and 4 seconds better than my second best. That's after about an hour of practice. FitalyStamp seems slightly larger than Fitaly, so there's a little adaptation.

In my opinion, FitalyStamp is faster than Fitaly because the contrast on the stamp is better than the screen. Also, there's no screen glare. That's my initial impression anyway.

Paul Close

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