Week 4 Results

Posted by Michael Steinberg , 11/01/2004, 07:19:48 Reply   Forum

Week four is now complete. For those of you that have won a prize, we still have many great choices available.

I will be emailing each of you asking for your preferences.

It's been an amazing contest so far, with over half of you at 50 WPM or higher and 8 of you over 70 WPM. Great job!

Less than 1 week to go and this is the time when records get set.

The contest ends on Saturday, November 6th, at midnight Eastern time. As we have awards left, you can still safely ask your friends to enter! We would also like all of the existing participants to beat the previous score or enter using a different method.

Get your entries in right away!

Michael Steinberg
Dom Perignon IV Contest Monitor

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