Only 9 days left for your friends to submit their contest entries!

Posted by Michael Steinberg , 10/28/2004, 12:13:31 Reply   Forum

That's right, the contest ends in just 9 days on November 6th at midnight. Please tell your friends, colleagues and family members to get their entries in right away!

While we have received a lot of entries so far, we still have plenty of great prizes left. We really want to give them all away. Remember, they don't have to have a high score to qualify for a prize. We are still giving preference to new participants. But they can't win if they don't enter. Those of you that have already entered can still qualify for a prize by submitting using a new method or with a new higher score.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here or email me directly at michaels at fitaly dot com.

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