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Re: Thumboards in the Dom Perignon IV? -- jaws
Posted by Jean Ichbiah , 10/12/2004, 11:58:50 Reply Top Forum

We tried it in Dom Perignon III as a way to understand what you could achieve with them and Jim Belich very much showed their potential. In a way, his performance showed that they are more like full keyboards.

For Dom Perignon IV we decided to stay with stylus-based methods only. Our interest is to explore what you can do with this single-finger or single-stylus mode. While it is obvious that the speed of a full keyboard is not going to be reached, some of you are getting real close! And there are a number of situations in life where only one hand is available for typing because the other hand is busy holding something else like a phone, a book, a pda...

Jean Ichbiah

PS. Someone already asked the question of whether using two styluses is allowed. The answer is no as this is really the equivalent of using a thumboard.

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