Fitaly PPC VGA: 31.01s - 77.38 WPM

Posted by Jenneth Orantia , 10/10/2004, 14:44:10 Reply   Forum

Based on Jean's adjustment calculations for VGA, this means the actual WPM is... 79.37! I've beaten my old record, woo-hoo! :)


Added on November 7:

The picture says 77.38 wpm, which is correct.

On the other hand, the time indication displayed as 30.24s is incorrect as this uses the first version of FitalyLetris which was found to be faulty on VGA devices. This has been corrected in FitalyLetris 2.

The actual time corresponding to 77.38 WPM is 31.01s as recorded here in this corrected title

Jean Ichbiah

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