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What do we do with entries submitted with Manual Tining? -- This messages elaborates on the response I made on the excellent Blackberry entry.

For the time being, such entries are classified separately as entries done with "Manual Timing" and therefore outside of the competition. Let me explain this. The contest requires all entries to be expressed in hundredths of seconds, a precision that cannot be achieved with a wristwatch.

This may not matter much for larger times but when it comes to the leading entries, we can expect them to be within a second of each other, if that much. The hundredth of a second precision will therefore be needed to do a fair attribution of the awards. As you can see, in our previous competition, the second and third times were 31.19s and 31.22s, with only a 0.03 second difference!

The other possible issue with a manual entry is to verify that the full text was entered, with the proper punctuation and capitalization.

There may be a simple solution to both problems: If there is Timer software on the device, it should be possible to use it to measure the time with the required hundredth of a second precision. Then a gif bitmap showing both the timer time and the text typed can be submitted. If there is no screen capture on the device, the picture can be taken with a digital camera. This would then be considered a mainstream entry.

Similarly, the contest does not exclude the use of another software than FitalyLetris to measure the time and verify that the correct text was entered. For example, Sassan Sanei suggested doing a Java program to accomplish this and that may be an acceptable scoring method. If you have a reason to use such an alternative scoring method, please email me the details (and software) and we will examine its applicability.

Entries in the category Manual Timing will be eligible for the weekly awards but only entries with the software timing will be taken into account for the final ranks and awards.

Jean Ichbiah

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