Formal time measurement using BlackBerry

Re: Very Impressive! -- Jean Ichbiah
Posted by Sassan Sanei , Fri, Nov 22, 2002, 14:12:43 Reply Top Forum

Thanks Jean. :)

I agree about the precision of the wrist watch. It is a Tag Heuer watch, but of course there is a difference between "accuracy" (high) vs. "precision" (low), plus there is still the matter of human reaction time.

I will try to find some time over the next few days to write a little Java application for the BlackBerry to time the entry of the text and then compare it to the given text, and display the result on the screen. Then we can use a hardware timer and verify punctuation and capitalization. If I do this, I will post the source code here for anyone interested, and I will repeat my test with it.


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