FitalyLetris for PocketPC display error (42.2 is really 42.02, etc.)

Posted by oe1k , Thu, Nov 21, 2002, 02:05:38 Reply   Forum

A couple of notes on how FitalyLetris displays numbers on the high-score list:

1. Numbers are always truncated, never rounded. (Which doesn't really metter, since we are really comparing times not WPM values, so who cares if 51.12 WPM is really 51.129531... or whatever.)

I think all versions of FitalyLetris truncate instead of rounding.

Here's the important part:

2. On the high-scores screen of FitalyLetris for PocketPC, leading zeros on the mantissa are not displayed for some reason, so 42.02 is stored correctly, but displayed as 42.2

Note that 42.20 is always displayed correctly, and 42.02 is displayed correctly on the end-of-game score screen (just before it congratulates you on a new high-score).

I don't think that any of the current entries encounter this bug, but I thought I'd warn everyone. The bug is visible in the PocketPC screenshots, though.

-Richard L. Owens

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