Dom Perignon III Ended Congratulations to the Winners!

Posted by Jean Ichbiah , Fri, Dec 20, 2002, 22:17:05 Reply   Forum

The Dom Perignon III Contest just ended and I am very pleased to announce the winners in all three categories:

Dom Perignon III Final Results
The Three Winners Are:

Category Method Time WPM Winner
Thumboards Treo Thumboard 28.57s 84.00 Jim Belich
Pocket PCs Fitaly PPC 30.67s 78.25 Jenneth Orantia
Palm Handhelds FitalyStamp 32.63s 73.55 Patrick Yam

Congratulations to our three winners for their phenomenal performances!

Thanks also to all participants who have contributed these 51 entries. The average speed of these 51 entries is an amazing 49.75 wpm which shows once more that PDAs have now become genuine text machines. Most people do not achieve this speed on their PC keyboards. Being able to achieve this speed on a machine that is always with you makes it a premier medium for text entry.

We will be contacting the winners individually to make sure that the grand awards are delivered to them in time before the new year. In addition, as we did for the winners of Dom Perignon II, we are planning to have videos of them in action posted in the coming days.

The forum will be closed for new entries (except for a post-contest entries section) but we hope you will participate to discussions in the Comment Section. Two obvious topics that spring to mind are what you have learnt by doing the contest and what techniques you are using.

Thanks again and congratulations to all participants. Happy Holidays!

Jean Ichbiah

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