Dom Perignon III -- Five More Days (almost)

Posted by Jean Ichbiah , Mon, Dec 16, 2002, 20:00:47 Reply   Forum

Dear DP III Participants,

Just five more days to go -- actually for some of you, only four by the time you get this message -- and the Dom Perignon III Speed Contest will be over. The actual deadline is on Friday December 20, Midnight Boston time (Eastern time) and this will be already Saturday noon for our Australian contenders.

Judging from the past two contests, this is the time where records get broken: the overall records -- and more importantly, personal records. We have enough weekly awards left for all the current forty participants (as well as new ones) if each of you submits an improved entry and this is therefore not yet the time to let your pen rest.

You may think that it is easier for those in the second part of the list to improve their scores. But just look at the history of DP II where the top winner changed twice in the last hours of the very last day! For all of us who work on faster input methods for PDAs the average speed reach by all of you in this contest is very gratifying. And of course, there will be the excitment of the Grand Awards and we certainly plan to have videos of their formidable performances.

Looking forward to a very enjoyable conclusion of this competition.

Jean Ichbiah

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